LIVEEN - The User Side
LIVEEN - The Advertiser Side

For LIVEENers (LIVEEN Users)

Right to be 'owner' of your data and content

Users are rewarded with Veen coin when uploading their data and content.

Clear, transparent compensation standards and reputation systems

The rewards are based on the user's reputation, which is different from the user's data

Receive coins after watching customized Ad

Users can receive Veen coins after watching customized ads based on their data.

Improve Transparency and Efficiency of Online Advertisement

Reducing Ad/marketing costs

Select audience with desired conditions and reduce Ad(reward) cost.

Direct rewards to customers

Earn coins proportional to ads they viewed and will be exposed to ads with higher rewards.

Service expansion

Service can be expanded in a wide range of areas by analyzing data : donation, e-commerce, education, finance and so on.

Direct Donation

Sponsors can donate by selecting recipients

Donors can donate Veen coins directly after selecting the desired recipients through data-based search.

Anyone can request for donation

Request donation for financial support by providing the current situation through contextual data

Restoring donation credibility

We will create an environment in which donors can donate as much as they want without intermediaries.


  • Feb 2018

    Publishing whitepaper
    1st Presale

  • Apr 2018

    2nd Presale
    For organizations only

  • May 2018

    ICO Crowdsale
    LIVEEN Day Conference

  • Aug 2018

    LIVEEN Service,
    Opening Proof of Concept,
    Initiating Beta test

  • Jan 2019

    LIVEEN Service Launching ,
    Starting Veen mining

  • Apr 2019

    Starting LIVEEN donation
    platform service

  • Jul 2019

    Starting LIVEEN ads
    platform service

  • Oct 2019

    Starting LIVEEN e-commerce
    platform service


Henry Kim CEO

James Kim CMO

Deokyoon Ko Technical Leader

Patrick Kim Investment Leader

Seulgi Lee Strategy Leader

Kyle Lee Finance Leader

Cláudia M. Pinto Legal Leader

Jinhwan Lee Blockchain Engineer

Dongyoung Lee Blockchain Engineer

David Lee Blockchain Engineer

JY Chun Blockchain Engineer

Elena Seon Marketing

Caroline Cho Marketing

David Hong Marketing